Wax Crumbles

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A different spin on the traditional wax melts. Scoop your desired amount of fragrance(light, strong) and enjoy love at first scent. Use the spoon to scoop the wax crumbles into your wax Melter. These crumbles are handmade and each jar holds 2.5oz of wax.

Do not use a candle warmer! The container is plastic and should not be heated. This is a wax melt not warm.

Wax crumbles are available in 8 scents and all are a different color.

Friendsgiving- sweet potato & brown sugar
Chocolate Chip Honey Dip- chocolate with vanilla crunch
The Pynk- fruity pebbles type
Good Morning Gorgeous- sweet floral
Purple Reign- peach, vanilla, floral, coconut
Grey Sweatpants- mahogany teakwood
Champagne Dreams- strawberry peach champagne
Morning Drip- Fresh coffee