Room Spray

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Champagne Dreams-Champagne Toast scent

Top notes: champagne
Middle notes: juicy nectarine
Bottom notes: blackcurrant

Chopped & Screwed- Black Ice scent

Top notes: fresh bergamot
Middle notes: wild lavender, subtle florals
Bottom notes: sandalwood, soothing musk

Blacker The Berry Sweeter The Juice- Black cherry Merlot scent

Top notes: cherry, fruits and citrus
Middle notes: light floral, sweet black raspberry
Bottom notes: light powdery musk

Room spray is a great way to freshen up any room.

Hot Gurl Summer is a limited edition scent.
This is a strawberry champagne scent you’ll love.

Room spray is not intended to be used as body spray. Only use as directed as room and lien spray.

Shake well and spray. Spray away from eyes and face. Spray towards the center of the room 8' away from surfaces. Do not drink.